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Malt D'Orge Pale Ale.

This French malt is made from barley of French origin and malted in France (local).


Pale Ale Malt is usually added as an infusion in brewing systems that require top-fermenting yeast, to produce Pale Ale, IPA beers with a golden amber color. Malt can be used up to 100% or blended with other malts to multiply the color and taste of beers.


Packaged in 25kg bags, uncrushed malt.

Pale Ale Malt

SKU: 25 Kg. - 12312301004
1 Kilogram
  • Les Maltiers Malt perfect for your beers.

    Quality barley and malt

    25 Kg bags uncrushed.

  • Malt cannot be sent by post:

    • Delivery by truck directly to your home, price on request.
    • Pickup at Orbe warehouse (free for orders over 400 CHF).
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