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Chocolate Malt 800-1000 EBC

This malt is produced at the Pauls Malt Ltd. plant in Knapton, North Yorkshire, UK. Light chocolate malt is produced by roasting kiln-dried malt at temperatures of up to 220°C. Water is used to extend the roasting time and for quenching and cooling at the end of the roasting process to prevent combustion.


800 - 1000 EBC

Adds color to beer. Depending on the quantity added. Dry cookie flavor of roasted coconut bean. No enzymatic potential.


Packaged in 25kg bags, uncrushed malt.

Chocolate Malt 800-1000 EBC

SKU: 25 Kg. - 12312301008
1 Kilogram
  • Perfect for coloring your beers.

    25 kg bags, uncrushed.

  • Malt cannot be sent by post:

    Delivery by truck directly to your home, price on request.

    Pickup at Orbe warehouse (free for orders over 400 CHF).

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