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German noble hop.

A traditional native variety of the Saaz group, mainly grown around Tettnang on Lake Constance. The unique combination of Lake Constance's favorable climate and sandy-clay soils dating from the Ice Age produces a very fine aroma.


This aromatic hop can be used as a bittering agent.

It is appreciated for its fine, delicate floral, spicy and herbaceous aromas.

Its aroma is a changing, evolving blend of floral, fruity, herbaceous and spicy aromas - fresh herbs, grass, dried flowers, citrus peel, black tea and pepper. The gentle spiciness and subtle balance between floral and herbaceous aromas are clearly reminiscent of noble hops. Woody aromas and creamy caramel notes, such as resin and almonds, are combined with fruity blueberry and spicy curry.


2.3-5.3% ALPHA

Tettnanger Hops

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  • Hops in T90 pellets.

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