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Target brings out the spicy notes. It offers lively bitterness and moderate alpha acids.


The aroma is intense and pleasantly pungent, with notes of dried citrus and mugwort, spice, pepper, citrus marmalade and tangerine. There are notes of fresh green sage, spicy and peppery tones with touches of the same citrus marmalade, but ultimately it's defined by woody flavors of tobacco leaf, cognac, barrel and tonka bean with light vanilla notes. Elderflower and citrus aromas are also present.


An excellent choice for IPAs, Bitters, Pale Ales, Belgian styles, British Lagers, English & British Ales, Lagers, Brunes, Brown Ales and Stouts.

Target Hops

SKU: 5 Kg. - 12312302009
CHF150.00 Regular Price
CHF124.50Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • Hops in T90 pellets.

    Hops sold in 5 kg bags, never opened, direct from supplier BARTH / HOPSTEINER / YAKIMA / AUTRE

  • Postal delivery

    Pickup at 1350 Orbe (free of charge for orders over CHF 400)

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