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Noble hop from Alsace (FRANCE), Strisselspalt is an aromatic French hop with alpha acid between 1 and 4% and beta acid between 3 and 6%. It is one of the classic fine aroma varieties.


Its aroma is delicate, pleasant and well-balanced, with predominantly herbal, spicy notes, as well as citrus, floral, fruity and herbal notes. Citrus is light, dominated by notes of bergamot, grapefruit and orange, with flavors ranging from cream to caramel to spice. It can feature red berry notes such as blackcurrant and chamomile flower, as well as nuances of tea.


It's an excellent choice for amber beers, lagers, bocks, golden ales, pilsners, saings, cellar beers, Belgian pale ales and lagers.

Strisselspalt Hops

SKU: 5 Kg. - 12312302007
1 Kilogram
  • Hops in T90 pellets.

    Hops sold in 5 kg bags. never opened, direct from supplier BARTH / HOPSTEINER / YAKIMA / OTHER

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    Pickup at 1350 Orbe (free of charge for orders over CHF 400)

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